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  • Written by Dorian G.

Body Neutrality - When Looks Have Nothing To Do With All Aspects Of Society

"Love your flaws" implies features outside of the beauty ideal are considered flaws and that you would automatically not love them. In reality, everyone has the so-called ‘flaws’ and that is not something people need ‘fixed’ to be beautiful.

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Body positivity has made a name for itself in the past one or two years. The third wave of the movement was particularly used by those in the plus size acceptance movement: a movement created by plus size black and ethnic minority women that focuses on self-love of larger body types. Body positivity has been empowering women all over the internet and has been supported by celebrities like Lizzo. We have also seen surges in the inclusion of larger sizes by notable brands such as ASOS, H&M and Christopher Kane. We have seen plus size models featured in fashion magazines and such actors on TV, but recently there has also been anothe