Weather and Palette is a culture magazine and a beauty store forged through the reality of art, fashion, youth culture, society, idea, design, and beauty. In our Beauty division, we create seasonal editorials with illustrious creatives from beauty, fashion, design, and other imaginative industries. 

Our debut collection, "Ain't No Bad Weather" draws inspiration from nature and its forces. We invite you to have some fun trying different looks no matter what the 'WEATHER' is. As we say, there is no bad weather in a post-pandemic world.

In our collection, we use passionate indie brands that emphasize sustainability, animal welfare, design, craftsmanship, and overall great products of the right causes that we propose you to try.

We believe that beauty comes from freedom of expression. Therefore, we style the full look with garments and accessories that we think are interesting and encouraging to support you to be creative and experimental. On each of the core lists of our makeup looks, we suggest several essential products picked by our makeup artist to create the look. The supplementary list includes all additional 'tricks' and products that help you achieve the best results.  

Our editorials and articles aim to seed inspirations that reflect current times and serve as one reference point of an all-rounded experience. We unearth hidden gems in our culture,  learn and exchange ideas with our collaborators, and source socially and environmentally responsible brands that might not have much coverage in mainstream channels.

Weather and Palette set out to be the alternative to the hegemonic beauty culture by championing the exceptional NON-INFLUENTIALS.