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Weather and Palette Shop and Culture Magazine

Weather and Palette is a culture magazine and a beauty store forged through the reality of art, fashion, youth culture, society, idea, design, and beauty.


In our Beauty division, we create seasonal editorials with illustrious people from beauty, fashion, design, and any other industries that could create a culture spectacle. 

Our designs draw inspiration from nature and its forces. We encourage you to find joy by challenging beauty standards, expressing yourselves and formulating your arguments on any issues that you care about. 


For any 'WEATHER' you are in, there is a "PALETTE" for it. And the "PALETTE" is not limited to colours but more expansive to anything that is relevant. 

In our Beauty store, we use passionate indie brands that emphasise sustainability, animal welfare, design, craftsmanship, clean ingredients, non-toxic formulas, and overall great products of the right causes. ​

While our beauty store and seasonal makeup editorials place us in the competitive and creative world of beauty, our culture magazine is where we try to express ourselves freely.


Our magazine is independent, and every article gives us an opportunity to discuss, debate and examine social issues. Each article is wholeheartedly written by the team to seed inspiration and formulate arguments that reflect current times.

With our culture magazine and beauty store, Weather and Palette is the destination of a contemporary all-rounded experience. We will continue to unearth hidden gems in our culture,  learn and exchange ideas with our collaborators, and source socially and environmentally responsible brands that might not have much coverage in major channels.

Weather and Palette set out to challenge the hegemonic beauty culture by championing the exceptional NON-INFLUENTIALS.

Brands curated on Weather and Palette 

CLE Cosmetics
Daniel Sandler

Olio E Osso
Ellis Faas
Ere Perez
Face Stockholm
Lola Makeup
Eco Glitter Fun


Weather and Palette Beauty Shop and Culture Magazine
Weather and Palette Beauty Shop and Culture Magazine

A Tale of Two Pearls

- A Tale of Two Pearls -

Our latest collection draws inspiration from the journey of Pearls. Our design process begins with the legacy of "Ama", the two thousands years old practice of sea women who hand dive pearls in the extreme Japanese seas. We celebrate these naturally formed jewels, their habitat, their timelessness, distinct colours, textures and sometimes, imperfections.

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