A crew of idealistic soap junkies, a truck load of ambition and a healthy dose of blind optimism was all it took to make Stone Street Soaphouse what it is today – the most fun, devilishly handsome soap making company in the land.

Some call it soap. They call it obsession. How it feels, how it smells, how easy it is on the eye, how happy it leaves our skin. Stone Street Soaphouse fret over each detail, hand select each ingredient, bring forth batch, each glorious bar, with thrill and ceremony. Because soap is, to Stone Street Soaphouse, the beginning and the end of everything.

From a small and occasionally manic soap house on a farm in south-east England they are perfecting its art.

Take a Stone Street Soaphouse bar and live with it for a week or two. Soap may never seem the same again...

Based in the United Kingdom.

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