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  • Written by Amanda James

No-makeup Makeup Looks

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Want a no makeup makeup look that looks natural and feels tender for the late summer? It's easy with these quick and easy steps.

No makeup makeup look at Weather and Palette
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Sitting and chilling in a September afternoon and enjoying the perfect combination of sun, temperature, and the ripening smell of summer flowers. What could be better? For the late summer weather, it is probably not always necessary to think about bronzer, highlight, contour, blusher, etc. Sometimes, you want a look that glows naturally and feels as tender as the summer's air. To rock a no-makeup makeup look, we have prepared this short and clear note to nail this essential look for you.

Attention to detail is important for minimalistic beauty

Firstly, you need to have a clean face, so start with your cleansing routine, follow with toning to remove impurities of your face. Next, apply moisturizer to awaken your skin and preserve the natural glow. The next step is to apply a primer and then move on to the foundation.

Minimum amount of concealer or foundation

If you have delicate skin or you are a purist of no-makeup makeup look, then you may try the Ere Perez all natural Oat Milk Foundation. However, if some areas still need to be covered, then you may use a concealer. Avoid creating an artificial look by not applying too much concealer. (You can also experiment with showing some imperfections of your skin to your liking.)

A good mascara is all you need for no-makeup looks

Let's move on to the eyes. To remain as natural as possible, avoid eye shadows for now. (It is worth checking Jo Baker, Erin Parsons and Pat McGrath for some inspirations this summer.) If you have longer, finer eyelashes, then curl them. There is no dire need to apply too much mascara. Just stroke it through a couple of times and you'll be good to go. Don't worry about the brows for now, as you can treat them with a brow brush and clear brow gel anytime.

Pair the lip pencil and lipstick to help the lip definition

Once you finish the eyes, move on to your lips. Because we are following a very light and natural makeup look, it's preferable to select a lip tint that matches your skin tone as well. The colour pairing of lipstick and lip liner is very simple. By nature, your lip border is slightly darker than the lip. So following the same principle, pick the lip liner that is slightly darker than the colour of your lipstick. It will help define the shape of your lip. You can also use a light-coloured gloss if you wish to. Softer summery colours can include a light pink shade, like Eosine Pink or Grenadine Pink. Sometimes, I prefer to use a transparent gloss to not over-do their minimalist routine.

Set it with a spray

Now is the time to set your makeup. Make sure you apply a setting spray to seal the deal. A setting spray is an essential product if you have used a foundation and concealer. It helps set your makeup in, preventing it from looking crusty and dirty. Plus, it helps the makeup to last longer. With the setting spray, you do not have to worry about re-doing it over and over while you are at work or someplace where you cannot pull out your makeup bag. There you are. All done and dusted. A no-makeup look is timeless and with the late summer vibe who doesn't want their makeup to buzz with the seasonal vibes. Simply take the makeup off with the all natural Micellar Water and gently scrub with lip with Oilio E Osso Lib Scrub and moisturize the face and lip before you sleep. Xxx


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