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The Colour Game of the Wren Boy Lip

Before choosing your favorite nude lipstick and rocking a boyish look, check out our color guide, we go through the details of skin undertone, the color pairing of lipstick and lip liner, and secrete tips to make the lip effortlessly perfect.

Newer and fresher concepts are taking over the fashion industry every season. For the Spring/ Summer 2020 London Fashion Week, we all witnessed Simone Rocha's vision of rediscovering the masculinity of Irish Wren Boys, articulating through chinoiserie wallpaper like print and delicate blue and white ruffles that remind you of some precious China.

The raw and weathered space of Alexandra Palace amplified the historic linkage showcased in this collection. Looking at the runway looks of Simone Rocha's collection, the Wren Boys' idea is primarily expressed through the Irish artifacts symbols and the natural-looking lips. Before choosing your favorite nude lipstick and rock a Wren Boy look, follow our color guide to see how to achieve the effortless Irish boy lip look.

Know the undertone of your skin

No matter what color and tone your skin is; you can always find a color that will define the shape of your lips. The simplest way to figure out your undertone is to hold silver or gold jewelry next to your face to read your skin tone.

If silver looks more compatible than the gold, then your skin has cooler and lighter undertones, and if gold looks more compatible, then your face has warmer and a little darker undertone. And if both gold and silver look good on your face, then your face has neutral undertones, and you can wear any natural lip color shade you want.

Get a great lip liner

When opting for a natural lip with nude lipsticks, it is immensely essential for you also to apply lip liner while prepping the lip. A lip liner should be one shade darker than your lipstick, so it defines a sharp lip shape. You should know the shades of lipstick that work for you by now.

For the boyish lip look, identify a lip liner shade that naturally matches your face and lip tones and avoid those that are too obvious or too blurry. You should also consider the lip liner and lipstick as a pair and make sure the colors work well together to achieve a natural-looking lip.

A little different

When choosing a shade for lipstick, the primary idea is that you should always go for a color that is a few shades lighter or darker than your skin tone. It is a trial and error process to match the occasion and what you wear, yet we are looking for a sharp definition of lip shape but not a "nude colors demo." Nude lipsticks appear in their matte form are the perfect option for an evening party or even a formal dinner as they convey your persona and taste, all in one. Slightly Peachy undertones are universal and look bests with a classy makeup look and a dress that serve your elegance.

Two-toned lips

Most of the time, our lips can be much darker than your natural skin color. To make the overall look more balanced, you can prep your lips with some foundation that you may dab over them, then follow up with a lip liner and then your choice of lipstick.

Now that you have the ultimate guide to your natural Wren boy lip look, make sure you invest your money in a viable shade, one that suits you and one that makes you feel charming. And again, don't go for shades that don't suit you and always use a lip liner with your nude shade.